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U.S Quality Inc. was founded in 2003 and has built a reputable name for itself since then. With a team of over 100 people, our emphasis on customer experience, and quick turn-around time, we’ve been able to work with one of the largest fastener companies in the states and in the world. What we have to offer you? A 100% guarantee that you will receive your order on time.



Humble beginnings

The idea of US Quality Inc. was born in 2003 with our founder’s goal of delivering a guarantee to clients that they will never be let down.

First Client

Early 2004, we landed our first client and our team grew.

Opening 5 new locations

In 2007, we closed a deal with one of the top fastener companies in the nation and in the world. We still work together to this day.

Growing Team

We reached 100 employees. Our team continued to grow from there.

Continuing to Grow

US Quality Inc. continues to operate in Romulus, MI with the same goal in mind: providing clients with a guarantee that they will never be let down.